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Smart Wi-Fi in the education sector

By March 1, 2021January 14th, 2023No Comments
Smart Wi-Fi in the education sector

Smart wifi in education sector can transform the way studies are carried.

“Change is the only constant”


Believe it or not, nothing could ever be the same forever. The method of studies and the tools used for it has transformed drastically. We have been fortunate enough to be born at an age where every single piece of information is just a google search away. Our ancestors have gone through days: where information was monopolized in the library or with a knowledgeable person. Student’s exposure to information was limited to the books that were provided by the school. 

But things are different now, the evolution of technology, transformation of the network into microchips, and handy metal bricks can fetch the network without any wired connection. Also, these metal bricks have gained the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Virtual forms of study started to rise in the education sector more than a decade ago. When it started, it was video modules of various subjects streamed upon a projector or LCD. Situations since the past year have forced us to transform the education activities into a complete virtual form. In most countries today, we would find classrooms with a teacher and a camera streaming virtual lectures. It’s still uncertain when things would get back to normal. 

Wi-Fi is playing a significant role in keeping school and college lectures going for young lives. All the educational institutes are conducting lectures and examinations online. Due to the lack of reliable mobile networks, Wi-Fi is extensively used among the teachers and the students. Dependency upon Wi-Fi could be dangerous if the Wi-Fi is not capable enough. Due to a higher frequency of inconsistency, depending upon conventional Wi-Fi is not reliable enough. The workflow of educational institutes can come to a halt due to frequent downtime and delayed process of troubleshooting. To deal with these problems, smart Wi-Fi becomes a necessity. Automation in Wi-Fi can improve your Wi-Fi experience and has become self-capable to deal with any issue arising.

Wifi in education sector will transform current practices, a reliable Wi-Fi is necessary for these changes.

wifi in education sector

Information Accessibility

Tablets and cellphones have dominated the world. They have become inexpensive than ever and even school students have access to them. Students are becoming smarter as every generation is passing by. Textbooks are a good source of information, but still, the information is limited. Most of the devices are capable to run the internet upon a cellular network, but they are not as fast as Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi access and allowance to use mobile devices in schools will help students get access to information from the internet. Verifying the information in the textbook and getting a deeper understanding of the topics becomes possible due to this. The internet is a massive reservoir of text, videos, and images. Study materials in video form also help the students get a better understanding of monotonous topics. The availability and access to the information we have today are like never before.

Collaborative Learning

This has not become mainstream yet, but most schools with an international board are providing students with internet-accessible devices or tablets. These devices can be beneficial in enhancing the learning experience of students by collaborative means. Teachers can share videos, images, insightful articles, and can also demonstrate certain practical concepts through video.

No one can predict the reach of a student’s imagination. At times students may question their teachers about a topic they never thought about. In this case, the teacher can get information for the student’s question quickly and easily from the internet. These innovative learning techniques make the students capable of excelling in their academics. The Collaborative form of studies helps the students get better conceptual clarity. Unlike conventional methods, where the information was only limited to textbooks and the teacher’s capacity.

online educatio

Cost Reduction Through Data Management

Schools and educational institutes have an abundance of data stored with them. Every passing year gives more and more data of the student’s record. Keeping this information could get expensive and tasking if the information is stored on physical shelves. Cloud computing can completely revolutionize the way this data is stored. Cloud storage can be used to store all the information and documents of students. Retrieving data that was stored a decade ago can be found in some clicks and searches. Cloud storage can help education institutes save costs by reducing data entry in papers, and quick access to the information helps them save time.

Seamless remote learning

The pandemic has forced the education sector to carry out classes virtually. Most of the educational institutions are taking online lectures. A strong wi-fi will ensure seamless learning without any interruption. Other than online lectures, exams, and various academic activities are held through virtual meetings. It’s not sure till now when everything will get back to normal, but many universities are encouraging remote learning. Many of the top universities are making virtual courses available to students, without having to travel to the designated place. Distance learning is helping many students to complete their education without any geographical barriers. A reliable wi-fi will help the student and the teachers carry out their task seamlessly.

The invention of technology has taken over our minds (specifically the young crowd) with tweets, likes, comments, and pins. As discussed above, the availability of Wi-Fi and mobile devices can enhance the learning experience of students. But, students can easily get distracted by games, social media, and other applications. Everything has two sides like a coin. Likewise, technology is a blessing and if not used properly, can be a curse as well.

All the benefits of Wi-Fi in the education sector will be difficult to attain without the connection of reliable and secure Wi-Fi. A reliable Wi-Fi is the one that gives maximum uptime, identifies the issues by itself, and reports them to the ones responsible. A smart Wi-Fi is also capable of providing valuable insights into the number of users connected and their usage. Education institutes generally have a big campus where many people connect to the Wi-Fi at the same time. This may increase the load upon the Wi-Fi leading to irregular functionality. If schools and colleges will spend their time troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues, they will fall behind in completing their core tasks. Aprecomm’s smart Wi-Fi in the education sector will be the best addition to help institutions carry out the tasks dependent upon Wi-Fi.

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