Technology for
Resilient Networks
  • Intelligent networks

    AI-enabled self-managed networks
  • hiSense

    Advanced analytics for WiFi networks
  • Active QoE

    Real-time quality of experience
  • Evolving Devices

    Creating Self-organizing and Self-Healing Networks

Entrusting a company with your network is a big deal. We understand that.  Our goal is to make the technology that runs your network disappear into the background so that you can focus on creating a great customer experience. We leverage the latest advancements in technology - artificial intelligence, natural language processing, advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms to create a suite of software products that add end-to-end intelligence to any network.

ISP and Enterprise customers have discovered that utilizing Aprecomm's suite of Network Intelligence products significantly improve their customers' Quality-of-Experience.​

The Tech Behind The Intelligence

AI Enabled QoE

Continuous improvements in end-user Quality of Experience with Aprecomm AI stack

Edge Intelligence

Distributed intelligence at edge and cloud with localized intelligence and inference

Edge Self-Organizing

Evidence-based AI empowers devices to self-configure and fix network issues


Manage millions of devices through elastic scaling with dockers and Kubernetes


Break free from vendor locked-in network management and visibility solutions

Actionable Analytics

Simplified macro-to-micro data visualize for faster diagnosis & resolution

Aprecomm's Tech Can Solve Your Network Problems

Network maintence takes up significant resources of ISPs and enterprise NOC teams. Aprecomm’s technology to manage quality-of-experience powered by its advanced automation makes networks self-organizing and resilient to most common problems. Combined with pro-active monitoring, advanced analytics and macro-to-micro insights, rest assured that your network will be fully optimized


Of your support effort can be reduced through Aprecomm Software


Reduction in churn rate by improved customer satisfaction


Connected Devices having improved quality-of-experience through more than four million WiFi access point managed by Aprecomm Intelligence

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Reduced OpEx and assured SLAs in public Wi-Fi Deployment through intelligent QoE measurement

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