Connecting the world with network intelligence

Behind every question there is an answer. Ours was simple: “Why is my Internet not working?”.

The answer? We started Aprecomm – a future-thinking company with an objective to build a smart network for everyone. As tech enthusiasts, we wanted to see how we can infuse intelligence into edge devices of wired and wireless systems.

At Aprecomm, we understand the power of network intelligence. That’s why we created our products to answer the pertinent questions of network performance, and subscriber experience. Founded in 2016, we are a Network Intelligence Solution Provider pioneering distributed-intelligence based self-healing and self-organizing products that make networks autonomous and easier to monitor, keeping customer experience as the epicenter of our offerings

We help peopleNAVIGATE

Networks with automation

Aprecomm ensures your operations run smoothly with our self-organizing devices. With our automated IT services, wired and wireless issues can be swiftly identified to assure continued connectivity and service.​

We help businesses gainINSIGHTS

For better performance

Data is key for any business, and we help you get the most out of it. Operating in an insight-driven world, our technology helps you gain contextual insights into your customer’s journey and experience.

We transform Service ProvidersCHANGE

How they manage their Subscriber Experience

As a Network Intelligence Solution Provider, we at Aprecomm are building transformative network intelligence solutions that help ISPs monitor subscriber experiences and make processes more efficient. Our solutions help ISPs improve business standards through high reliability, reduced operational expense, and speedy ROI.​


To be the global standard for network intelligence through continuous innovation and product development.


We aim to deliver desired internet experience to everyday users


Aprecomm was built by a team of innovative individuals who focus on developing solutions for people.

Fuelled By Challenges

Meet Our Team

Team has always been our strength. Innovate.. Improve..

Network Intelligence Solution Provider


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