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Behind every question there is an is answer. Ours was simple: “Why is my Wi-Fi not working?”. As tech enthusiast we wanted to see how we can harvest intelligence into edge devices of WiFi systems.

The answer? We started Aprecomm – a future-thinking company with a lofty objective to build a smart WiFi network system.

Aprecomm introduces WiFi networks with an AI-enabled Software Stack to answer the pertinent questions of WiFi performance. Our cloud-based solutions leverage your existing wireless infrastructure and artificial intelligence to give context, meaning, and value to not just your home WiFi, but also your enterprise setup.

Pioneers in WiFi technology, Aprecomm was founded in 2016 by a team of passionate technology experts in the fields of data science, machine learning, and WiFi technology.


We help people...Navigate

WiFi networks through automation

Aprecomm ensures your operations run smoothly with our self-organizing devices. With our automated IT services, wireless issues can be swiftly identified to assure continued connectivity and service.

We help businesses gainInsights

For better performance

Data is key for any business, and we help you get the most out of it. Operating in an insight-driven world, our technology helps you gain contextual insights into your customer’s journey and experience.

We are helping enterprisesChange

How they manage their WiFi

At Aprecomm, we are building transformative WiFi solutions that help enterprises monitor user experiences and make processes more efficient. Our solutions help enterprises improve business standards through high reliability, reduced operational expense, and speedy ROI.
Our Mission
We aim to make technology more accessible to everyday users.
Our Vision
To be the global standard for Smart WiFi technology through continuous innovation and product development.
Core Values
Aprecomm was built by a team of innovative individuals who focus on developing solutions for people.
Fuelled by Challenges

Meet our Team

Team has always been our strength. Innovate.. Improve..

Sarada G L

Sarada is our resident taskmaster and perfectionist that drives the Machine Learning Team. Nothing escapes her critical eye and sharp wit. Sarada holds a Master’s Degree in Speech Processing (Natural Language Processing) from IIT Madras. She loves to cook and experiment with different styles of cooking.

Machine Learning Scientist


Vijay Babu Sekar

Have any queries on Cloud Technologies? Vijay is our go-to-guy for all things cloud. Before coming to Aprecomm, Vijay worked on several software products at Infosys. Vijay’s aspiration in life is to beat Ashok Junjunwala at the stock market and use that money to travel around the world (he’s been successful at the travel part). An outdoorsy person, Vijay spends his spare time hiking up mountains and seeking serenity in the beauty of nature.

Senior Technical Staff


Shamini S V

our in-house data ninja. She loves to analyze and interpret Aprecomm’s data to help your WiFi make better decisions. A meticulous researcher, Shamini graduated with a Master’s degree in IoT Network Security. When not piecing together data points, she loves to travel, explore new places, culture, and food.

Machine Learning Engineer


Arshad Khan

Arshad’s mantra in life is “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. This is reflected in his work, pushing himself to be the best at everything. He takes pleasure in following global tech trends and news. When not at work, you’ll find Arshad surrounded by loved ones, enjoying a game of cricket or swimming, and chilling with good food and music.

BackEnd Engineer


Anu G

Aprecomm’s Social Butterfly Anu is our multi-faceted HR Manager with an uncanny ability to establish a rapport with anyone she meets. She is a successful financial advisor with a track record of co-ordinating the financial and regulatory functions of an organisation. Beware! Her optimistic attitude and contagious smile can easily rub off on you.

As a Budding Ornithologist, Anu loves gazing the skies admiring the acrobatics of the birds.

HR & Legal


Surendra Lakshminaraya

Dynamic Sales and Business Management professional with over 24 years of diversified experience across industries. At Aprecomm, he handles New OEM Acquisitions and Enterprise Technology Solution Sales driven through our partner ecosystem. Before joining Aprecomm, he worked for several organizations such as Wipro, Allied Digital, Comptel Networks, Gemini Communications, and Concentrix. His expertise lies in corporate leadership, new business development, and to set up and manage multi-cultural heterogenous global sales teams across India, Middle East, Hong Kong, and East Africa.

Director of Global Sales


Kamalraja Sugumar

For Kamalraja, strategic marketing is a lot like a chess game, where every move has a well-thought plan of action requiring skills of identifying business drivers, customer challenges, industry trends, and the ability to translate technology capabilities into strategy and value.
Challenge him to a chess duel and see what we mean! Kamal loves to cook (but only on weekends) and explores the world with his wife and two rambunctious sons.

Director of Product Marketing


Privinesh Kunhikannan

Meet our seasoned wireless engineer. Privinesh brings his love of organizing to WLAN architecture. He is a self-proclaimed spiritual analyst for Aprecomm. Wondering that is? Why don’t you ask him directly at privinesh.kunhikannan@aprecomm.ai

Senior Wireless Expert


Guharajan Sivakumar

He is our in-house think tank and he envisioned Aprecomm’s foundation of bringing intelligent stack to network devices; combining Machine Learning and wireless experience. In his 17 years of service, Guharajan has founded and transformed multiple businesses in the technology space, with distinguished roles in senior leadership and engineering. At his last venture, he built a telepresence company that aimed to deliver high-definition immersive video conferencing experience. He has also co-authored several patents around building scalable WiFi networks for high-density environments.

Guharajan loves to teach and is always ready to answer any query – from WiFi technology to how to ride a bike in the mountains.

CTO & Co-Founder


Pramod Babu Gummaraj

Loves to lead teams and is unafraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to work. His philosophy at work, and life, is to be equal parts mentor, innovator, and point man, occasionally with a little punny humor and a wide smile thrown in. From building AI engines to donning the project manager hat, Pramod is a facilitator of tech innovation, product delivery, and the brainchild behind Aprecomm’s device evolution.

When not at the office, you’ll find Pramod driving across town, exploring untouched trails of the world.

CEO & Co-Founder


Gopi Sirineni

Sirineni is a veteran in the Wi-Fi networking industry and has previously held executive position at world’s leading Wi-Fi solutions company (Qualcomm). Sirineni has a signature reputation for inventing out-of-the-box solutions and he was the creator of Wi-Fi Mesh Technology valued USD 6 billion. At Aprecomm, he will be focusing on strategies that will propel the organization towards industry leadership.

Chief Advisor & Board of Director

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    Our solutions integrate wireless access points with smart algorithms to learn trends from unstructured data, correlate various dynamic events, and offer superior user experience through proactive actions.
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    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
    GET IN TOUCHAprecomm Social links
    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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