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Rise of IoT devices calls for a smart Wi-Fi

By March 24, 2021January 19th, 2023No Comments
Artificial Intelligence and smart Wi-Fi

The Rise of IoT Devices calls for Smart Wifi

For a long time now, our best way of accessing the internet has been to find a device that can connect to the ongoing framework. Early on in the internet era, one could easily plug into the dial-up internet format and get connected online. As times change though, we have learned to be more efficient with our innovations. Today, everything is more or less in the range of or can be in the range of a wifi network. While this is a huge accomplishment, it only feels like half the process we’d set out to achieve and the completion of it would be a seemingly endless network to which all devices are connected. This is where the IoT or the internet of things concept comes in.

With the help of IoT, we can easily have a mega-network that not only connects all your smart devices but also gives you remote accessibility and various other features that were previously unheard of. For instance, thanks to the IoT, smart homes are very much a possibility today. A smart home typically comprises a home wherein most/ all of the devices are ‘smart’. They can be controlled remotely, regardless of where you are and most importantly, you don’t ever have to worry about having left the stove on again. 

Why Smart WiFi?

With great devices comes the need for a great network that can support them. It has been debated that to bring in the true potential of IoT devices, we will surely need an active and efficient 5G network that can power everything we need. 

In addition to this, we will also need to start utilizing smart wifi. These devices are not just user friendly but highly secure as well and have various advantages to them:


Unlike your traditional wifi, smart wifi can easily prevent any hacker from creating a dummy network, especially in public spaces to ensure that everyone connected is safe and secure. As we get more advances, more and more devices are connected to the internet. This means that the internet itself should remain safe or it could be compromised thanks to fraudulent activity. Smart wifi is not just secure but ensures the privacy of the data of everyone connected to the network. This makes it countless times better than any other wifi router that you might be using. 

Redefining Industries-

As the Internet of Things keeps making rapid advancements, we are under the constant threat of our industry not being able to keep up with the pace. Most importantly, the hospitality industry constantly finds itself in peril with regard to these situations. The network hardware is often outdated and much of this leads to slow processes. With the help of efficient smart Wi-Fi, you can easily ensure that all these services are constantly in check. Moreover, due to the burden of newer concepts, smart networking might just become a must. With the IoT, we could soon have Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring on every patient that will let doctors know instantly when something is not quite right with the patient. To support these though, we will need a bigger scalable WiFi system that can adjust its usage accordingly.

Instant Scaling-

As we enter an age where more and more devices need to be constantly connected to the internet, we approach the possibility of many clusters. Clusters are typically places where a lot of data is needed due to a large number of people being present there along with their devices. At such times, normal wifi may not be able to cope or may even give in. Even worse, as a result, the net speed flow will be poor for everyone. Groupings at places like malls or events are preferred as they help the organizers understand where data is coming from and they can accordingly strategize better to advertise. To ensure that such heavy loads are lifted easily, a smart WiFi could scale up the internet speed on demand for everyone so that there is no slowing down of data. 

Data-Driven Network-

An instant pro of the smart WiFi age will be the data that will be given for various things. Your everyday WiFi routers are not generally capable of supporting such a massive undertaking simply because they cannot. On the other hand, the latter can easily receive massive amounts of data and accordingly, give suggestions, insights, and what not. In a world governed by data-driven archives, this can be extremely beneficial for many across various spectrums. Just by receiving data about where traffic is higher or which devices are used where advertising itself can create a hierarchy of places where it would cost more to put up banners or ads. This can also translate into a more advanced form of understanding the interests of entire sectors of demographics with the given variables of time, place, situation, and cultures. 

Overall, a lot can be achieved with the budding technology that comes with the Internet of Things but there is very little that will stay without the injection of a steady smart WiFi system. As more and more ‘things’ join this grid it is only logical that we scale up and make sure that we create a safe and secure system that can support everything. Smart Wi-Fi isn’t just a possibility but it can and will soon go hand in hand with the higher power technology of the Internet of Things.

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