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Reliable Wi-Fi for Home Internet

By February 2, 2021January 5th, 2023No Comments
Reliable Wi-Fi for Home Internet

The need for reliable home wifi was never felt as much as when the pandemic hit every corner of the world. Every single activity i.e. meetings, office work, shopping, etc started transforming functions online. This has created a necessity for reliable home Wi-Fi that can get our work done smoothly and if there are any issues, a prompt solution is a must.

With everything evolving at an unmatched pace and developing exceptional abilities, we believe in transforming Wi-Fi the same way. At Aprecomm, we developed a Wi-Fi that is smarter, not only by its name but also by its ability to get the work done. By embedding Artificial Intelligence into Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi itself becomes capable of doing things that would require human intervention.

Let’s understand how Aprecomm’s AI-enabled Virtual Wireless Expert (VWE) can make home wifi reliable.

Wi-Fi with AI

Artificial intelligence is software having the capabilities of human intelligence. Machines having AI become capable of automating things by themselves, which helps in reducing time and cost. As far as Wi-Fi is concerned, by the time the issue is identified and diagnosed, you may miss out on important things. This is where Wi-Fi with AI comes into the picture, where it can reduce time to fix an issue and give you a seamless Wi-Fi experience. Here are some of the major benefits of AI-enabled Wi-Fi at home:

  1. Automated Wi-Fi issue reporting

Wi-Fi issues may arise out of nowhere and suddenly hinder the work we are doing. A lot of time users may face issues that could be identical or different. Some people won’t be able to express the issue, and some may not have the knowledge to identify an issue originating from the Wi-Fi. AI-enabled Wi-Fi holds the capability to diagnose the issues before the user even identifies and reports them. By implementing this, any issue arising while using the Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi itself will recognize the problem and escalate it for troubleshooting.

  2. Faster issue deployment

With the ability to report issues automatically, the necessary troubleshooting steps are also important to get your Wi-Fi up and running. Once the issue is recognized, our team of experts are always available to repair the issue. Availability of a support team at your call is necessary, as technical glitches won’t knock before coming and may appear any time of the day.

  3. Improved user experience

To make the user experience better, this AI-enabled Wi-Fi will keep a record of all the devices connected to it on a daily basis. Get the insights of all the activities carried out by a user at the designated time and note down the pattern and sequence of usage. After analyzing over a period of time, the Wi-Fi will act proactively in terms of providing you a better experience depending upon the task being carried out. For instance, if any of the house members use applications that would require higher bandwidth, the Wi-Fi will make necessary adjustments and corrections to make the bandwidth available so that there are no interruptions while using it.

  4. 24/7 Wi-Fi Monitoring 

You might be aware that most of the Wi-Fi brands that provide service have their functioning time, and if there is an emergency to fix an issue during their non-working time, you will be helpless. But luckily, this is not the case with VWE Wi-Fi, with Wi-Fi monitoring 24 hours 7 days a week any emergency at any time can be fixed. So no need to wait for the right time to get your issues fixed and resume your services.

  5. Security 

With the Wi-Fi having such exceptional ability, if proper security is not included all the features won’t count. By constantly monitoring activities and connected device, threats from potential hackers to steal your personal data is one of the prime reasons for embedding AI in Wi-Fi. It will be able to recognize potential threats and help you with the necessary security to keep your data protected from intruders.

With everything functioning digitally, having reliable Wi-Fi at home is a necessity. With the improvements that AI would make in Wi-Fi, convenience will be at the fingertips of every member of your household. What could be any better than Wi-Fi solving issues by itself? Why not give it a try? Maybe that’s what we need.

Keep reading this space to discover the latest trends in WiFi technology and how you can implement it to upgrade your house and business. To know more about the Aprecomm Virtual Wireless Expert and Artificial Intelligence solutions log on to or email us at