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How automation will improve your Wi-Fi experience

By February 11, 2021February 3rd, 2023No Comments
WiFi Monitoring software

The automobile industry coined the term “automation” in the 1940s. The use of automation at that time was specific to the automobile industry only. Robotic machines were placed to manufacture and assemble various automobile parts.

As we all know, technology never stops evolving and never will. The automation we see now is different than what it used to be. Now it is backed with the capability of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. These software and algorithm have become extremely capable of replacing manual tasks that are frequent.

Wi-Fi was always lagging in terms of significant upgrades. Different generations of Wi-Fi are released periodically, but a mainstream revolution is yet to come that would make Wi-Fi more convenient.

Aprecomm has been able to make massive recompositions in Wi-Fi. By integrating new technologies like AI, ML, and data analytics, Wi-Fi will no longer be the Wi-Fi that you are used to. These technologies make Wi-Fi capable of automating various tasks and eventually offering you more convenience. Here are various benefits of automation in Wi-Fi:

Benefits of Wi-Fi automation on a personal level (Home)

  • Automated problem diagnosis

When a Wi-Fi problem occurs, the biggest challenge is getting it fixed. You call the mechanic, he takes time to identify the issue and fixes it. Also, there is no guarantee that the problem is identified and fixed from the root. Possibly, the same problem may occur again. Dealing with all these situations may get on our nerves. 

With automation, you don’t need to deal with any of these problems. Wi-Fi with AI becomes capable of identifying the problem automatically and reporting it to the concerned authority. That means if a Wi-Fi problem appears you don’t need to deal with anything, your Wi-Fi will automatically take the necessary steps and fix the problem.

  •  Save time and money

Automation in Wi-Fi eventually helps you save time and money. The money that you will pay to the technician to fix the problem goes into your pocket. Also, you save time by not dealing with the process of appointing the technician, getting it identified, and fixing the issue.

Benefits of Wi-Fi automation at the enterprise level

  • Automated problem diagnosis

Commercial use of Wi-Fi is way different than that in the house. Wi-Fi is the backbone of organizational functionality. Conventional Wi-Fi may put the organization into trouble, at times it may cost them their quality of work and delay in meeting deadlines. Automated Wi-Fi in the organization can bring a great level of convenience and efficiency to work. As dealing with Wi-Fi problems no longer exist. The Wi-Fi itself will deal with problems arising

  • Save time and cost

A wide range of problems may occur in organizational Wi-Fi. The issues could be related to density, DNS issues, configuration errors or could be a wide range of other problems. The time and cost required to fix these issues will vary depending upon the nature of the problem. Automated Wi-Fi will keep the companies away from appointing engineers to fix any of these issues. Which eventually saves their time and cost, as the Wi-Fi itself becomes capable of identifying these issues

  • Focus on core competencies

A recent survey conducted on Wi-Fi troubleshooting shows the following:

    1. 60% of networking professionals spend one day a week troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues.
    2. In 50% of cases, the process of isolating a problem takes one hour.
    3. At least 10% of workers face Wi-Fi issues weekly in an organization.

These numbers are extremely high for a company that aims to achieve maximum efficiency in its work. Letting your Wi-Fi become its doctor, frees up a sufficient amount of time for the concerned authority and in-house engineers(if any). Automated Wi-Fi makes time available for human resources to focus upon core competencies and help the company achieve its goals.

  • Valuable insights

Automated Wi-Fi can also help companies fetch data about no. of people connected, duration of the connection, bandwidth distributed among the users, and much more. These insights give the firm a better understanding of the performance of their Wi-Fi. Also, firms offering guest Wi-Fi can use these insights to understand their guests and better target them with personalized ads.

  • Maximum uptime

Automated diagnosis gets the problem to the service provider before the user even reporting it. This helps the firm get maximum Wi-Fi uptime, as all the manual troubleshooting processes will now be automatic. 

As time is passing, more and more IoT and wireless devices are launching in the market. The majority of the new devices released have wireless network capability. More devices mean more problems may arise with the Wi-Fi. Not upgrading the Wi-Fi with the emerging technology will take up a significant amount of time and money just to fix Wi-Fi problems, regardless of the Wi-Fi is at home or in an organization. 

If you are looking for fast, reliable, and capable Wi-Fi, Aprecomm’s AI-enabled Wi-Fi is all you need. Whether you are working at home, or in an organization, you don’t need to worry about dealing with Wi-Fi problems. This Wi-Fi is self capable of identifying and reporting the problems. With quick deployment and monitoring 24/7, there is barely any chance of having downtime in Wi-Fi.

Keep reading this space to discover the latest trends in Wi-Fi technology and how you can implement it to upgrade your house and business. To know more about the Aprecomm Virtual Wireless Expert and Artificial Intelligence solutions log on to or email us at