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Enhancing Wi-Fi experience by repositioning Access Points – Case Study

By October 2, 2022February 3rd, 2023No Comments
Enhancing Wi-Fi experience


One of our customers encountered a decline in the WiFi Internet Experience (browsing speed). The speed decline led to inconvenience in accessing applications. The problem was triggered a few days after the new access points (AP) were installed. With the help of Virtual Wireless Expert (VWE), Aprecomm was able to pinpoint the exact problem. Without VWE, it would have taken days to figure out the exact issue but Aprecomm’s technology solved it in no time.


  • The Problem
  • Aprecomm’s Solution
  • The Results
  • What if Aprecomm VWE was not used?
  • Glossary

The Problem

The customer had 23 APs installed at their location. Within a few days of usage, the speed of the Wi-Fi internet experience reduced. The browsing speed problem branched into a whole ecosystem of micro problems. One of them was that the application experience was compromised 15% of the time. The customer reported the problem to the Managed Service Provider (MSP). We were able to instantly understand how serious the issue was. Because the customer relied on continuous and secure internet connection to carry out critical business functions. So, armed with the VWE, we immediately sought to resolve the issue without further ado.

Aprecomm’s Solution

Aprecomm’s VWE is an AI-driven network assistant. VWE helps you in automatically troubleshooting your Wi-Fi issues. Some issues are proactively resolved by the VWE before even the users figure out that the issue existed. This significantly reduces the time you would be rather spending with help desks and network administrators. VME has a Natural Language Interface that enables you to easily understand the scope of the problems. So, even if you need to contact the helpdesk, VME helps you in prioritizing the tickets based on the magnitude of problems. Faster troubleshooting leads to less downtime.

Automated Subscriber Provisioning

Troubleshooting: How we figured out the issue!


Using our VWE, we checked the average signal strength of the site. The results were good. So, we concluded that there was no signal issue with the entire location. We checked the signal strength of the individual AP’s. We found out that only 3 APs had low signal strength.


Now that we figured out the ‘where’ of the problem, we set out to find the ‘when’ factor. The VWE inferred that those 3 APs were experiencing the signal issue only from the past 1 week.


There must be two possible reasons for the issue:

  1. Addition of new devices
  2. The position change of the APs

We immediately convened with the customer to find out what has happened during the past 1 week. The customer reported that a few AP’s were moved.

VWE successfully identified which of the Access Points were repositioned by their names. VWE also recommended repositioning of the APs.

The Results

We repositioned the APs to appropriate locations. After the APs were repositioned, internet speed improved by 40%. That’s significant! The application experience was also remarkably better.


What if Aprecomm’s VWE was not used?

A quick analysis of the VWE dashboard helped us understand the problem better. It also gave us a gist of the necessary steps to solve it. Without VWE, it would have taken days to identify the problem manually. Since the customer relies on continuous internet access for major business operations, the downtime would have led to an economic disaster.

As manual troubleshooting is prone to human errors, a wrong diagnosis could worsen the problem. Even if there was no human error, the labor fee of the network engineers would have been significantly high.


  • VWE: Virtual Wireless Expert
  • MSP: Managed Service Provider
  • AP: Access Point