Provide value beyond connectivityIntroducing VWE, your personal smart WiFi system
to improve WiFi assurance and experience

Making businesses efficient

90% reduction in downtimes due to WiFi issues with
automated root cause analysis

Make your Wi-Fi more reliable with VWE

Intelligently correlate network performance with user experience

In this digital era, reliable Wi-Fi experience is quickly becoming the key factor to retain a customer.  Irrespective of how good the wireless hardware is, customers do experience wireless networks being slow or down.

The solution could be simple, maybe you just need to figure out the right place to put your access points, but to get to the solution the customer needs an expert understanding of the behavior of wireless networks. Most of these customer issues go un-noticed leading to an unsatisfied customer, in turn affecting your future sales.

Introducing – Virtual Wireless Experts (VWE) – an AI-powered engine built for WiFi Access Points.

  • Built on proprietary technology – EvolvTM
  • Smart, scalable solution with complete autonomous Self-Organizing Devices – SOD™.
  • Sleek dashboard for simplified insights – VYOM

VWE is constantly connected to the customer measuring the QOE of the customer to improve wireless experience for enterprises, SMB, Retails, and ISPs. With VWE users can predict, automate, and get real-time insights on device performance.
Evaluate customer experience by measuring network performance, user experience, and understand if your customer is happy browsing.
AP/Client Analytics
Understand device-specific behavior to drive better device performance
Express Root Cause
Simplify debugging and analysis of huge log dumps with VWE
Insights simplified
Get actionable insights from large sets of unstructured data to identify top issues to be addressed immediately.
Virtual Expert
Troubleshoot WiFi issues instantly with Aprecomm’s NLP-based platform. Semantic searches enable quick resolutions to subscriber issues.

Deployment Assist

Improve customer experience by providing proactive deployment suggestions


Profile issues/anomalies with insights across deployments


Baselines across Radio/Client parameters to measure QoE

Reduced Support Cost

Save up to 70% of OpEx

Failure & Anomaly Detection

Analyze real-time behavioral patterns and identify breaches


Assured Wireless Service
Smart WiFi solutionsfor Smart Devices
Our solutions integrate wireless access points with smart algorithms to learn trends from unstructured data, correlate various dynamic events, and offer superior user experience through proactive actions.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
GET IN TOUCHAprecomm Social links
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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