The Future Of Wi-Fi: 2021

January 8, 2021by kamal raja0

The Power Of Anytime Anywhere has never been more pronounced than it has in the horrendous 2020. But with the massive shift in the way organizations and people are functioning, the new normal is major, if not completely dependent on the usage of WiFi.

Our current state of affairs has put pressure on enterprises, multinational organizations, and even the common man working from home, to step back and realize the undeniable impact that WiFi has on our lives. With systems, applications, work, communication, and basic day-to-day life activities being heavily reliant on the internet, everyone seems to be running towards finding the perfect internet experience.

This brought into question the ever-changing nature of our WiFi needs and how they will shape up in 2021. The following 6 points will help you see how WiFi will change the game this year across domains and industries and how you, as an individual and enterprise can be prepared for this switch.

1.WiFi Offloading:

With a prediction of a 7X increase in the mobile data traffic by Cisco, WiFi offloading is going to play an integral role. Experts say 60% of traffic will be offloaded by the end of 2021.

2.Carrier-Grade Hotspots – Driving the future:

Carrier-grade hotspots will start to replace traditional access points. With a prediction of 500 million hotspots by the end of 2021, we will see providers focused on providing a more efficient and optimized performance for their consumers.

3.WiFi Analytics in high traffic areas:

WiFi usage is already noticeably higher in malls, airports, and other massive public spaces. Utilizing these spaces to analyze behavior and amplify the customers’ happiness index will become of prime importance. This data will drive proximity marketing for large enterprises. Aprecomm’s Virtual Wireless Expert could give you insights into your customer’s behavior and help you amplify their experience based on their preferences. 

4.Cooler. Better. Faster. Stronger:

Today’s generation is watching a documentary, working on an excel sheet, downloading a large file, and playing a game in an incognito window. It is no wonder that speed now plays a massive role in our adventures on the internet. According to the Cisco report – by 2023, fixed broadband speeds are about to double and Wi-Fi and mobile speeds will triple. Ookla claims that as last recorded in September 2020, the global average download speed on fixed broadband is 85.73 Mbps in comparison to the meagre 43.9 Mbps in 2018 and might reach 110.4 Mbps by 2023.

5.WiFi 6 is bigger than ever:

The WiFi 6 rollout is moving faster than anticipated. With routers and mobile phones compatible with WiFi 6 already rolled out, the next stop for WiFi is WiFi 6E.  This is heavily supported by the fact that Work-From-Home has been booming globally. Most consumers want to engage in an internet experience that is nothing but the best, for both – work and play. Consumers are looking for WiFi 6 compatible routers to be the answer. 

6.Healthcare tryst with WiFi:

In the ongoing fight against COVID-19, it has become apparent that wireless devices and networks will play an important role in revolutionizing healthcare. These wireless devices will control everything from life-saving patient monitors to communication and even security systems. In such cases, WiFi monitoring will come into play. The importance of these networks working at all times is prime. Healthcare facilities will have to place their trust in automation and AI platforms to monitor networks and give them complete visibility and alerts on any IT issues.

7.Internet of Things:

It is evident now that IoT will be taking over all our future functions. WiFi will play a key role in this change. Developers of IoT applications rely on Wi-Fi to cut down power requirements and launch battery-operated devices to run for long periods of time without maintenance pressure. Enabling themselves with a WiFi network that is fast, and provides insight will be a game-changer for all tech visionaries. 


These are only 7 of many ways WiFi will transform our lives in 2021. With the emergence of WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E (WiFi 6 Expand), the smooth working and monitoring of WiFi networks will dominate retail, real estate, healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, and Logistics in a host of ways.

With that being said, the journey of our internet consumption is one that will never stay constant. We keep seeing consumer behavior changing the technology and technology changing consumer behavior. This circle of advancement will move at a faster pace in 2021 and we are all here for it!

Keep reading this space to discover the latest trends in WiFi technology and how you can implement it to upgrade your business. To know more about the Aprecomm Virtual Wireless Expert and Artificial Intelligence solutions log on to or email us at

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